Personal assessment of your leadership style

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What's included?

DISC explores the question: How do I prefer to behave and communicate?

Motivators answer the question: Why do I take action?

The Emotional Intelligence profile answers the question: Do I actively apply my emotional intelligence? 
Emotional Inteligence

Process of the assessment 

Every 6 seconds TTI Success Insights assessments impact the life of a person in the world.

#1 Complete a questionnaire

After the purchase you will receive the instructions to complete an official questionnaire.

#2 Receive a report

After completing a questionnaire you will receive a report with detailed description of your assessment.

#3 Enjoy a session with the TTI Success Insight's expert

We want avoid any misunderstandings and wrong interpretations of the report. That's why you will be able to book one hour session with the TTI Success Insights expert that will explain you the report with relevant suggestions for your leadership style.
Meet the TTI Success Insights expert

Maria Antonia Velasco

ICF-certified coach with 15+ years of experience on executive boards in big corporations and HR director
For the past 15 years. Maria Antonia has been an HR director and executive committee member of major companies in the service sector. She has also carried out projects as an HR consultant in Spain and Brazil, and she is a sought-after trainer of leadership and communications skills.
Starting in 2017, Maria Antonia has offered her services as an executive coach. She is internationally certified as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by CTI (Coaching Training Institute) and is accredited as an Associated Certified Coach (ACC) by ICF (International Coach Federation). She is trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) by CRR Global.
Maria Antonia is also certified in Agile Leadership by the Scrum Alliance and as a DISC Behavior, Leadership, and Motivation Analyst.
“After years of using coaching techniques as a tool for speeding the development of professionals in the companies I was managing,” said Maria Antonia, “I can now perform my role as a coach directly, helping individuals accomplish their objectives in both their private and professional lives.”
Maria Antonia coaches in Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese, after spending years in San Paulo (Brazil).
In Spain, Maria Antonia has received training in Business Schools (IESE, EAE) related to the management of Business Change, the Strategic People Management of Organizations, Conflict Management and Resolution, and Negotiations Techniques by CMI (Harvard), and in Agile Leadership by the Scrum Alliance.
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